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Certificate of authenticity

All our products are 100% original. And we don't disturb the originality of the product (with the exception of the items in the section "Restoration)". Therefore, when ordering on our website you can claim we have the certificate of authenticity and we will send it together with your parcel. In addition, as a gift, we will send you a magnet for tourists with images of memorable places of Volgograd (Stalingrad).

Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad) from the height of bird flight.

The battle of Stalingrad in photos


The calculation of the 88-mm antiaircraft gun FlaK 36 firing on the outskirts of Stalingrad. 1942

Vasily Ivanovich Chuikov is on the Volga river during the defense of Stalingrad, 1942

Dog-demolition with the counsellors.In 1942, Stalingrad area.

Gunner Sergeant Fomichev firing from the house. September 1942, Stalingrad

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New video about the battle of Stalingrad in color


Rare footage of the battle of Stalingrad 1942-1943 

In color

Mamaev Kurgan - the main height of Russia 

Volgograd (Stalingrad)

Video about Stalingrad (Volgograd)

The clip is filmed by the administration

Demyansk, march 2016

Demyansk 13.10.2016



Stalingrad, farm Kletskay



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Now to improve the quality of our store, we offer you another option of delivery of your purchased product. Shipping by Russian post will cost 40$. Estimated shipping time is from 15 to 40 days. When buying more than one item, each additional will cost $20. So, thanks to cooperation with the courier service EMS, we got a discount on the shipping to USA and European Union countries for$ 60. In other countries the price remained the same - 70$.

Photos from the excavations 23.08.2016


Souvenirs handmade

On our store you can now buy Souvenirs with the theme of the second world war.

Souvenir with symbols of the Third Reich is the best gift for fans of the history of the times of Nazi Germany. All products are handmade by our craftsmen. On the Souvenirs can be depicted Nazi symbolism, Soviet and German weapons, scenes from the battles of world war II, as well as symbols of our hero-city of Stalingrad (Volgograd).



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Another photo from the excavations

Mius-Front. All the soldiers were reburied at the memorial cemetery

Collection of Soviet helmets from the second world war

We inform You that our collection of the Soviet helmets (SSH-35, SSH-36, SSH-39) has more. Learn more available at our store.


100 items on our website

We have a large collection of helmets directly from battlefields in the city of Stalingrad (Volgograd) and now they're available for order on the last two pages of the store. Thanks to this collection on our website for more than a hundred products. And this is not the limit. We will be constantly updating the store so everyone can complement your collection of exactly the type of helmet which it lacks.


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Today is:

Product name: M35 from Stalingrad

Product number: t1n83

Product description: The restored helmet! Restored from original German helmet m35. Good condition. During the restoration it was used the method of artificial aging. Was found on the Northern outskirts of Stalingrad (Volgograd)

Price: 170 $ Price with discount: 150 $

1-3 July 2016. Search on the left bank of the Don

1, 2, 3 July 2016 our search team spent on the left Bank of the don. Three days were also visited the following towns and their surroundings: Vertyachiy, Peskovatka, Trehostrovskaya and Kalach-on-don. The first day in the village Vertyachiy was stingy on the good finds, found only a few machine-gun belts, shells and the ring. The second and third day was more successful. Most of the finds were on the third day near Kalach. Of valuables was found a few helmets in different condition, badges, hasbani, badges and some household items. But more fortunate one of our diggers, who first came to excavate. He found officer's dagger in very good condition! As stated in a popular Russian proverb - beginners luck! In the end I want to say that the trip was a success and it's not just good finds, and good company. We sat on the beautiful banks of the don, fried meat on the fire and listened to stories of experienced search engine and sang Soviet songs with a guitar. What could be better?

After processing the artifacts found will be displayed on the website, a little patience dear friends!



The Stalingrad Front

The name of the city-hero Stalingrad became world-known in 1942, because this was the place where a radical turn during the World War II took place, the bloodiest military conflict in the world history took place on the Volga banks. Such places as the Mamayev Kurgan, Pavlov's house, elevator, the Red October and Barricades factories are the symbol of courage and heroism for the residents to the present day. The earth in these places and throughout the region still keeps artifacts of those terrible times. We find these valuable artifacts and are ready to share them with you! Besides the city itself, we work in the whole region, namely: Kuzmichi village, Marinovka (southern boiler of the Stalingrad battle), Orlovka (northern boiler of the Stalingrad battle), Gimrak airfield, Nursery airfield, Baburkin, Peskovatka, Vetryachy, Tryokhostrovskaya, Kalach-on–Don, New Rogachik, Dmitriyevka, Maxim Gorky villag, Samofalovka, Nizhny Chir, Surovikino and other corners of our region. We also have friends and other regions of Russia, that’s why some items can be delivered from: Saint-Petersburg (Leningrad), Novgorod, Demyansk, Moscow, Sevastopol, Rzhev, Kursk, also Ukraine and Belarus. We work strictly within the framework of the Russian Federation law!